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Our work is more than just recording video and snapping photos. It's about capturing moments in time that are priceless. We also believe that behind everything - no matter the project - there is a story. By hiring JDunlop Media you are partnering with us in telling your story and investing in your future. 



Commonly Asked Questions


"Do you offer custom media packages?"

Yes! We recognize that not everyone needs the same thing or has the same budget. The packages that are listed above serve as good reference points for our pricing. However, we are always willing to do our best to create a custom package that fits your needs and budget.


"Do you require payment up front?" 

We do! Once you decide to hire us, JDunlop Media requires a retainer. This not only secures our services, but it also helps us cover all of our pre-production costs ahead of your shoot date. 

We require a 50% deposit once you hire us, and the remaining 50% is to be paid on the day of your shoot date. 


"Are you willing to travel out-of-state?"

Absolutely! We just request that you cover our flights out to your location! 

One thing you'll quickly learn about the JDunlop Media team is that we LOVE to travel! Some of us have even done video work internationally! 


"What is your cancellation/refund policy?"

You have the ability to cancel our services at any time. However, the time between the cancelation and the
shoot date will determine how much you're refunded.


If an individual cancels anytime before 2 months of the shoot date, JDunlop Media retains 10% of the initial deposit. If the individual cancels within 2 months of the shoot date, JDunlop Media retains 15% of the initial deposit. If the individual cancels within 1 month of the shoot date, JDunlop Media retains 30% of the initial deposit.

In the case of customer dissatisfaction upon delivery of all final edits, JDunlop Media can only offer a 10% refund, or the client can request further edits at a discounted charge. 

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Questions or needs?


Fill out our form and send us a message! We'd love to chat with you about your potential project! 

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